About me



I have only got into IT & computer networking relatively recently. I found myself becoming obsessed with certain topics in this field and I'm basically like a sponge (mentally speaking) soaking up as much technical information as I possibly can!


I am quite fascinated by the whole realm of computing. I started by learning the very basic desktop applications at college, then wanted to go deeper into how PCs work (and break!) as well as how to fix problems with them.



I studied the hardware side on a more in-depth level for a year and completed a Cisco course in this. I then went on to study Cisco networking and found that I took to this like a duck (or indeed ~ a sponge) to water. I have also become interested in IT security and the ethics of computing too.



I am a keen user of the Puppy Linux operating system, which was developed by a man called Barry Kauler. For more information on this OS - check out the links page.

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